LFA's Cinema Club Hosts Screening of 'The Van' with Director Q&A

24 April 2024

LFA's student-led Cinema Club recently held an exclusive screening of the short film 'The Van', followed by an insightful Q&A session with the film's director, Erenik Beqiri.

The event, attended by our aspiring filmmaking students, proved successful. It offered attendees a unique opportunity to delve into the creative process behind the acclaimed short.  

'The Van' stops, the doors open, and Ben comes out alive. Another few fights and he will be able to leave Albania. He still hopes his father will leave with him. 

Following the screening, Director Erenik Beqiri shared his insights and experiences in bringing 'The Van' to life. From discussing the film's thematic underpinnings to detailing the challenges of independent filmmaking, Beqiri offered valuable insights to the attendees.  

The event is thanks to the initiative of MA Filmmaking student Romina Ruda, who suggested the screening and Q&A session with Erenik Beqiri, with help orchestrating the evening thanks to the LFA Cinema Club.  

Her proactive approach resulted in an enriching experience and reiterated the collaborative and supportive atmosphere encouraged at LFA. Attendees praised the event for its educational and inspirational value.

The 15-minute film is empowered with impressive directing and cinematography styles that evoke reflection and universal emotions. Thanks for providing the opportunity to meet with inspiring filmmakers like Erenik.

Paris Zandbaf

Here at LFA, nurturing our students' creativity is at the heart of what we do. We take pride in supporting them every step of the way, empowering them to lead and shape their ideas into impactful events. We want to say a huge well done to the LFA Cinema Club and Romina. They delivered an insightful and immersive experience, exemplifying the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines our community.

Be sure to check out the LFA Filmmakers' Club for more events, opportunities, and networking.