LFA Pioneers Award Winner's Film Featured in Evening Standard

10 November 2020

After a nomination at this year's Raindance Film Festival, Beatrix Blaise's latest short film 'Tin Luck' has now been featured in the Evening Standard. We're incredibly proud of Beatrix and her success with this film.

Beatrix won the LFA Pioneers Award for the Filmmaking Diploma last year, a scholarship that helps promising filmmaker who might otherwise, due to financial constraints, not be able to access training.

Beatrix's film 'Tin Luck' was shot entirely in one shot using a 40ft technocrane and takes place on an estate in Maiden Lane, the perfect location for her idea to capture a "slice of life " in a housing block, flitting from window to window.

It was all just about representing that balance between things being hard and sometimes, it being difficult to be constantly surrounded by people, but then it also being really quite supportive as well.


Beatrix Blaise

Around 90 per cent of the cast were made up of either Maiden Lane residents or their friends, while Nazrul Islam, managing director of the community centre, came on board as the executive producer of the film. After posting letters through hundreds of letterboxes on the estate, Blaise was able to recruit extras, as well as crew to work behind the scenes, offering them a kind of internship in the world of filmmaking. Much of the dialogue in the film was written with help from the actors themselves, adding another layer of authenticity.

When you’re dealing with emotional things, or things that might be happening at home — like having to be the eldest that’s looking after five of your siblings…and then yet you live so close to your friends, and don’t necessarily want everyone to know your private business — I felt like the tin kind of represented all of that in a nutshell.

Samuel Adewunmi, actor in 'Tin Luck'

We cannot wait to see what's next for Beatrix!

You can read the full article here.