LFA BA Students win ‘Best Short Film’ award for ‘NOMADS’!

30 November 2021

We’re incredibly proud of our fantastic LFA students, Matthéo Manticello and Marta Galvez, whose short film ‘NOMADS’ has won the ‘Best Short Film’ award at this year’s Brussels Capital Film Festival! The short has also been selected at next year’s Berlin Indie Film Festival! 

Matthéo and Marta are both in their second year of our 2-year BA (Hons) Filmmaking course and completed ‘NOMADS’ as a personal project in their own time. We couldn’t be happier to share their international success, and we’re inspired by their determination and work ethic. It’s truly an incredible achievement for our students to have won such a fantastic award before even finishing their film education! 

Keep reading for more details about the film, and quotes from Matthéo and Marta on what the story of ‘NOMADS’, and their film festival success, means to them. 

‘NOMADS’ Synopsis: 

Ali, a young Syrian refugee struggles to meet the expectations of his adopted, affluent British family. As his past continues to haunt him, he realizes the indifference surrounding him towards the plight of his people yet sees glimpses of hope for a nearby future. 

Quotes from the filmmakers: 

After celebrating the 10th “Anniversary” of the Syrian Civil war, and watching the devastating ‘For Sama’, I felt as though I had to contribute to any kind of display of support. 


From our perspective, the film presented itself as an idea of a drama set in the UK, seen through the heart of an adopted refugee in unknown lands. The story can connect to Syrians as well as to all refugees that were lucky enough to find a safe house. 


But as stated in the film, it takes more than a house to make a home. And oftentimes, help is provided but with a lack of prior understanding. In ‘Nomads’ we aimed to convey the potential self-impact that one’s compassion can have, by acknowledging one’s past and differences. 


On a monetary scale, everyone is encouraged to donate to NGOs such as ‘Save the Children’. The core of living comes from unconditional selflessness.

Matthéo Manticello, ‘NOMADS’ Writer and Director, LFA BA (Hons) Filmmaking student.

After reading ‘NOMADS’ for the first time, I cried. It made me reflect on our current society. The first thing I thought after that was that I needed to make this movie. The concept behind it was something that everyone should hear and think about. 


Our aim was to portray the big picture of a humanitarian crisis through a day-to-day story about a child and his family, for the audience to be able to relate to it. 


We are extremely thankful for all the support that we received, and if you have watched the film, and it touched you in any way, we encourage you to make your contribution towards a more humane world. That's the best reward that we can have.


Marta Galvez, ‘NOMADS’ Producer, LFA BA (Hons) Filmmaking student

We can’t wait to see what our hardworking, dedicated, and talented students do next!  

If you are a current LFA student, or valued alumni, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know about your achievements! We’d love to share your stories and bring attention to your work. Your success is our success.  

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