LFA BA Student's Horror Flim 'Hold of the Dead' Triumphs at Romford Festival

21 March 2024

Charlie Langford, a current BA (Hons) Filmmaking student, is celebrating the success of his second LFA film project, ‘Hold of the Dead’, which nabbed the 'Student Bodies Award' at the Romford Horror Festival

Charlie, the director, explained the film's inspiration lies in the ethical dilemma of terminal illness and the lack of representation of POC women in horror.  

‘Hold of the Dead’ follows Aleena's desperate attempts to save her mother using a time machine, only to unleash a terrifying consequence. 

The film's poignant narrative and Charlie's directorial prowess have earned praise, cementing his status as a rising talent in filmmaking.  

With its recent festival win, ‘Hold of the Dead’ promises to captivate horror fans with its gripping storyline and thematic depth. 

We can't wait to see what's next for Charlie...