LFA Alumni’s film "SUKOUN" (Amplified) Made its World Premiere at Berlinale Generation

26 February 2024

I could not ever make it without LFA. I have learned everything with LFA

Ammar Galal

The creators of the short film "SUKOUN" (Amplified), featuring former London Film Academy Filmmaking Postgrad Diploma student Ammar Galal, were excited to announce its world premiere at the Berlinale Generation. The film was showcased as part of the competitive section in the esteemed Berlinale International Film Festival, held between February 15 and February 25 2024. 

"SUKOUN" (Amplified) is directed and produced by Dina Nasser, with co-production by LFA Alumni Ammar Galal (THIRTY TEN FILMS) and Batoul Ibrahim. The film aims to shed light on injustices and pays homage to the brave individuals who oppose acts of oppression. 

Ammar Galal, the Founder and Executive Creative Producer of THIRTY TEN FILMS, expressed excitement about unveiling their labour of love to audiences worldwide, especially the youth who have been a driving force in challenging norms and inspiring change. 

Producer statement:

“As a co-producer of the award-winning short film "Amplified," my passion for storytelling and commitment to amplifying underrepresented voices drove me to be part of this project. From the outset, I was drawn to the film's powerful narrative and its ability to shed light on important social issues. 

Collaborating with a talented team of filmmakers, we aimed to create a cinematic experience that not only entertains but also provokes thought and sparks meaningful conversations. Winning the special mention award at the Berlin Film Festival was a validation of our collective effort to create impactful cinema that resonates with audiences worldwide.  

This recognition further inspires me to continue supporting projects that challenge norms, celebrate diversity, and inspire positive change through the art of filmmaking.” 

The film was awarded Special Mention of the Children’s Jury Generation Kplus Best Short Film. 

As "SUKOUN" (Amplified) continues to captivate audiences, it stands as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of cinema in fostering understanding, empathy, and change.