LFA Alumni’s documentary ‘Trapped by Plastic’ screened at UN's #Cop26 Climate Conference

09 November 2021

We’re thrilled that ‘Trapped by Plastic’, a short documentary by LFA Alumni, Anny Tubbs, is being screened at The British Council’s ‘The Climate Connection’ pavilion at #Cop26, the UN’s Climate Change Conference 2021. 

The documentary delves into the work of award-wining British photographer, Mandy Barker, who has dedicated much of her creative career to highlighting the devastating effects of plastic pollution in our oceans. Tubbs interviewed the trailblazing photographer about her work for the documentary, which features Barker’s strikingly colourful and confrontational imagery.  

Speaking about her film, Tubbs said: 

Mandy’s visually enticing work engages audiences of all ages. I hope the film does the same, and starts important conversations that help us learn from each other and work together to problem-solve effectively. We need to unlock the best solutions to stop putting plastic into our waterways and oceans well before 2050.

Anny Tubbs, 'Trapped by Plastic' Director, LFA Alumni


Trapped by Plastic - Trailer from First Move Productions on Vimeo.

The Cop26 summit brings together government officials from around the world to ensure accountability and action towards the goals set out in the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The British Council are screening ‘Trapped by Plastic’ in their ‘The Climate Connection’ pavilion, hosted at the SEC exhibition centre in Glasgow, where it can be watched by a huge variety of world leaders and environment change-makers. The event is one of the biggest climate change summits in the world, and will be running until 12 November 2021. 

Anny graduated from our 6-week Documentary Filmmaking Certificate in 2019, and soon after co-founded First Move Productions, which is committed to championing ethical, sustainable, and positive change through its original stories and documentary films.  

‘Trapped by Plastic’ is a fantastic example of how documentary filmmaking can be used to raise awareness for vital issues in today’s world, such as climate change and plastic pollution. At LFA, we couldn’t be prouder to be able to support new filmmakers like Anny Tubbs, by providing them with the skills and network to develop their filmmaking style, voice their (and our) values, and make a positive and lasting impact on our world. It’s incredible to see the far-reaching impact of Anny’s work, and we can’t wait to see what she does next!   

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