LFA Alumni Laura Plancarte Receives International Acclaim at Festivals for latest film ‘'Mexican Dream'

15 May 2024

LFA Filmmaking Diploma alumni Laura Plancarte's latest film, 'Mexican Dream,' challenges stereotypes about femininity and poverty, offering a powerful portrayal of resilience. 

The documentary/narrative hybrid follows Malena, a woman fleeing abuse and fighting for custody of her children in Mexico. 

In an exclusive recent interview, Laura discussed her inspiration for the project, emphasising the importance of portraying multifaceted Latina characters on screen. 

I hope the film challenges the notion that individuals from impoverished backgrounds have limited dreams, or that aspiring to bigger dreams is foolish.

Laura Plancarte

She also shares insights into her filmmaking process, including the decision to collaborate closely with Malena and the challenges they faced in telling her story authentically. 

'Mexican Dream' has since secured distribution in Spain and is now receiving international acclaim at festivals like HOT DOCS.  

Laura's work exemplifies the spirit of creativity and storytelling, something we continually foster and encourage at LFA. 

For more information about Laura Plancarte and her work, visit her website