LFA Alumni Eloise Singer recognised for innovative cutting-edge VR project

26 July 2021

Our Filmmaking Certificate graduate, Eloise Singer, has been recognised for her innovative cutting-edge VR work. Eloise’s new and immersive virtual-reality game, ‘The Pirate Queen’, was funded by Creative England, with the support of ScreenSkills, and takes its users through a virtual simulation of a powerful pirate fleet in 19th-century China. The game is a companion piece to a limited series, currently in development with Beijing-based producer Jane Zheng, which covers the same topic and time-period.

Speaking to Screen Daily, Eloise said:

When I first started, [the interactive element] was just a teaser for the series. It snowballed and became a standalone piece itself. It lends itself perfectly to VR – that experience of putting on a headset and being in a completely different world, on a 19th-century ship surrounded by crashing waves.

Eloise Singer, Executive Producer

You can read more about this project, as well as the latest interactive innovations in filmmaking and the increased funding which these types of projects are receiving in the UK, via Screen Daily

Alongside her VR work, Eloise has also acted as an executive producer on Billie Piper’s feature film directorial debut, ‘Rare Beasts’, which was featured in The Guardian, and reviewed by Peter Bradshaw as "truly thrilling", "bold", and "on a spectrum of its own". You can read his review of Singer and Piper’s outstanding film via The Guardian

Eloise’s success speaks to the value of innovation, the spirit of forward-thinking and unlimited creativity that we instil in our filmmakers here at LFA. We are incredibly proud of Eloise’s recognition, and we cannot wait to see what she does next! Congratulations, Eloise!


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