LFA Alumni Anny Tubbs Continues Festival Success with First Move Productions' "LESS WALLS" 

19 March 2024

Anny Tubbs, co-founder of First Move Productions and alumni of the LFA Documentary Filmmaking Certificate program, celebrates as their documentary "LESS WALLS (A Brussels Love Story)" earns its eighth film festival selection at the Europa Film Festival this March.  

The documentary, lauded for its exploration of cultural unity, sparks conversations about breaking down societal barriers with creativity and humour. 

Additionally, "LESS WALLS" has been invited to screen at the SIETAR Europa Congress in Lille this June, where Anny and Silvia Alba (one of the mural painters who features in the film) will lead discussions on the documentary's themes of interculturalism and clichés.

Stay tuned for more updates as "LESS WALLS" continues to make waves, inspiring audiences to embrace diversity and foster inclusive communities through the power of storytelling.