Guildhall School and LFA's Cinematic Collaboration: Orchestrating Creativity

23 May 2024

Since 2021, the Guildhall School of Music & Drama Electronic and Produced Music Department and London Film Academy have collaborated vibrantly, merging film and music into a symphony of creativity.

Under the guidance of Lead Professor Barbara De Biasi, LFA Directors meet with the Guildhall composers over Zoom to pitch their upcoming shoots and collaborate to find the desired musical direction.

It was fun discussing film and the filmmaking process. As composers, we usually enter later, but this opportunity let us be involved from the start.

Olivia Underwood Guildhall Student

Directors select composers whose musical narratives best complement their cinematic vision. This process allows students to experience all aspects of the journey, from composition to orchestration, ensuring they gain a comprehensive understanding of how music can enhance the storytelling process on screen.

The Zoom meetings were inspiring, hearing the diverse range of ideas and feeling everyone's passion. Seeing the LFA Directors' attentiveness and dedication to their projects has been great, too.

Bronte Tucker Guildhall Student

The Guildhall Session Orchestra then takes to the stage at the grand Milton Court Concert Hall for a recorded session, bringing life into the compositions and elevating the LFA films.

@londonfilmacademy 🎬🎡 Bridging Film & Music: A Symphony of Creativity 🎢✨ Since 2021, @guildhallschool and @londonfilmacademy have merged talents, weaving film & music into a masterpiece of collaboration! πŸŽ₯🎼 Under Prof. Barbara De Biasi's lead, Zoom calls spark magic as directors and composers unite to craft cinematic magic. Watch as the composers take to the Milton Court stage for a recording session 🎻πŸŽ₯ We can't wait for October to celebrate our graduates' hard work on the big screen, as film meets live orchestration in perfect harmony! 🎬🎢 This is more than just art—it's the power of collective creativity! πŸ’« #filmmusiccomposer #londonfilmacademy #film #filmacademedy #musictok #composer #fyp #filmmaking #filmmakersoftiktok #student #studentlife ♬ original sound - LondonFilmAcademy

This culminates in an Annual Showcase and October screening event, where LFA films are accompanied by live orchestration. 

This celebration of sight, sound and collaboration is a testament to the transformative power of creative togetherness. It inspires future generations of artistic innovators, and we look forward to watching the collective efforts of our combined talented students.