Graduate Success: Filmmaking Diploma graduate feature length documentary HERMANOS premieres in LA

23 February 2018


'Hermanos', is the second feature documentary created by Filmmaking Diploma graduate, Laura Plancarte. In an exclusive interview with Movieranker, Laura talks about how she got the project started and why. 

"I’m interested in making films that show social problems and human rights issues through a different lens to that of journalism... Due to my background in visual and fine arts, my films are embedded in visual aesthetics and I not only work with stories but with concepts."

Read the whole interview with Movieranker here.

Since graduating, Laura lives and works in London making films and visual arts. Her work has been exhibited in Museums and cultural spaces in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Barcelona, and London. In 2015 she presented her first feature film 'Tierra Caliente' at Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara, Raindance, Docs Against Gravity and won best feature film at World of Film International Festival in Glasgow. 


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