1st Assistant Director, and LFA Filmmaking Diploma graduate, Alexandria Stein pays us a visit

24 May 2017

We were delighted to see the return of Alexandria Stein, a Filmmaking Diploma student who graduated in 2007 and has been busy working as a 1st Assistant Director, mainly in Los Angeles ever since.

Here she is in a piece for American MovieMaker Magazine describing "The Anatomy of a Callsheet"


Originally from Colorado, Alex came to the UK specifically to study on the Diploma course, drawn by the opportunity to learn hands-on from celebrated industry professionals like, John Ward GBCT, Cinematographer/Steadicam Operator (‘The Fifth Element’, ‘The Firm’, ‘Full Metal Jacket’ ) and by the chance to work in small groups, and to shoot on film.

Alex moved to LA two years after graduating, initially finding work through Craig's List and Mandy before word spread and work started coming to her. 

She now works on everything from music videos and commercials to full-length features. Describing her work, she says "I get to do things that normal people will never get to do... I like blowing things up," and her projects do seem to have tended towards the eccentric, with a definite slant towards "horror" and anything involving large quantities of fake blood! Here is a still from dark, horror comedy "Patchwork".




To date, she has worked with big names including Mark Hamill, John Boyega and Carmen Electra to name a few.

We're hoping Alex will find time in her busy schedule to talk to students about her work as a 1st AD. 

Alex's IMDB page







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