From Scripts to Feasts: LFA MA Screenwriting Students Celebrate Thanksgiving

28 November 2023

As we head into the festive season we reflect on the Thanksgiving gathering of our MA Screenwriters, a testament to the community they are continuing to foster.  

Amidst the celebration, the aroma of Thanksgiving favourites filled the air, with an impressive carved turkey acting as the focal point for the festivities. Culinary delights aside it was the exchanging of stories, customs and unique student journeys to LFA that enriched the occasion the most. 

We hope our students, far from their home countries, found solace and connection in the presence of their LFA family—a group of peers who have become an invaluable support system. This student-driven event was more than just a celebration; it was an opportunity for our aspiring screenwriters to deepen their sense of gratitude for the new friendships aiding their filmmaking aspirations

A special thanks to student Ben Tivey for sharing the captured moment of the bonds formed and the happiness felt. We look forward to seeing the growth of these friendships and the sense of community that our students have cultivated in a bid to continue making their journey at the London Film Academy truly special.