"Andy & Lucy Watch TV": BA (Hons) Filmmaking Project Gains International Film Festival Recognition

01 March 2024

"Andy & Lucy Watch TV" started as the first film project produced on the BA (Hons) Filmmaking course by current student Andreas Van Riet. 

It has since captured the attention and accolades of the international film festival circuit. Andreas' unwavering ambition and willingness to push boundaries have propelled the project to success, proving that film projects made on the course can leave a lasting impact.  

The film has now triumphed at the Madrid Indie Film Festival and the Five-Minute Film Festival in Atlanta, clinching the top prize. With an upcoming screening at the Descubierto Fantasy Film Festival in Peru this April, the film's journey continues to inspire. 

Through fearless pursuit, Andreas' passion exemplifies the remarkable impact that unwavering dedication can yield. The first film projects made on the course are written and directed by each student, and this news stands as a testament to the profound influence and transformative power they can have.