58 films shot over 29 days

07 June 2021

Tight timeframes are no unforeseen circumstance within the film industry, however, having the stamina and endurance levels to keep up is something you’ll need to hone over time. Our fast-paced learning process, here at London Film Academy, allows our students to gain experience in an environment that emulates real world realities as though they were working in a production house. Despite the challenges of remaining socially distant on set – in our covid-safe zone – our students continued to demonstrate resilience and adaptability, skills that are imperative for any filmmaker to have under their belt. 

Let us set the scene for you: picture our zealous students shooting 58 different short films in as little as 29 days, would you believe that this isn’t a tale of fiction? This mammoth yet significant project excellently paved the way for the re-opening of our LFA doors as students – armed with our high-tech Arri 416 and Arri SRIII cameras – clambered back on set to shoot their first ever film, after what has been a very challenging year for our filmmakers. With practical skills being the utmost priority for our courses, it’s no surprise our students were ecstatic to get their hands back on some equipment and experience the buzz of being back on set.  

It feels absolutely amazing to be in classes again and working with all the equipment. Once you actually get into the studio, suddenly everything comes to life and you finally see that your film is going to be made here.

Alexander - BA (Hons) Filmmaking student

We were met with buckets of enthusiasm and ambition as our students embarked on their FP1 unit, a project designed to afford them with a well-rounded knowledge of the filmmaking process as they experience working in the shoes of a myriad of key roles that contribute to the making of a film. From 1st AD to Sound Mixer, you name it, they’re learning the significance and output of each to put them in good stead to be becoming emerging professionals.  

For most, this was not only their first time on an active film set working across multiple roles, but also their first time shooting on the medium of film. 

Some of us have tried the roles for the very first time on set which was quite challenging – be prepared for a lot of challenges; there will be heat on set, people will miscommunicate, so be wary of that, but have patience.

Maryna - BA (Hons) Filmmaking student

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