12 August 2020

Gavin Humphries, producer of 'Pin Cushion' and Managing Editor of global video channel NOWNESS, captivated our audience of budding filmmakers during our online Q&A. Below are five tips from the many insightful answers Gavin gave us as well as a link to the full Q&A.

1. Don't be afraid to get a mix of filmmaking experiences to remain versatile.
'Filmmakers coming through now don't see themselves in a lane as doing only film or only documentary, have a more 'portfolio' approach to your career' 

2. Hone your craft through short filmmaking.
'Short filmmaking gives you a chance to be fearless, to make mistakes and successes'

3. Film school is a great place to build friendships & collaborative partnerships. 
'It's great to have that time to meet other people, find out what they like, what their taste is. You develop a language with someone on the same course, not having to censor yourself and be who you are which helps develop those relationships' 

4. Be personal & specific when reaching out to production companies.
'It helps if you get a sense of passion from somebody, mention what you love about their work' 

5. Every connection is a good connection. 
'Opportunities don't always show themselves straight away, filmmaking is full of long term relationships that might not bear fruit immediately but you have to be patient.'

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