'Subject' Screening And Q&A with Camilla Hall

20 October 2023, 09:50 - 12:15
Picturehouse Cinema Fulham, Screen 6

Released in 2022, the 'Subject' follows participants of the five acclaimed documentaries 'The Staircase', 'Hoop Dreams', 'The Wolfpack', 'Capturing the Friedmans', and 'The Square'. It uncovers the highs and lows of their experiences, as well as the everyday realities of having their lives put under a microscope.

The screening will be followed by a conversation with award-winning documentary film Director and Executive Producer, Camilla Hall. Camilla is deeply committed to ethical filmmaking.

We discuss the ethics involved in making a documentary film and the challenges faced in depicting the truth in a way that is both honest and respectful. We will also discuss how they challenge the norm by using art to create awareness and promote social change.

Filmmakers and media scholars are making explicit calls to action, questioning extractive practices in which a subject is unfairly represented or subjected to a process in which their trauma is used as plot points in sensational storytelling. It’s set to be an incredible and informative morning, with a conversational approach.

This event is open to all - If interested, please click here to RSVP