LFA MASTERCLASS: Deborah Saban, 1st AD for ‘The Theory of Everything’ & ‘Emma’

24 April 2020, 12:00-13:00

The importance of the 1st AD was once again the focus of discussion during our Masterclass with acclaimed 1st AD Deborah Saban (‘Emma’, ‘The Theory of Everything’).

BA (Hons) Filmmaking, Filmmaking and Screenwriting Diploma students were captivated by the Masterclass from Saban, who was quick to note the importance of knowing the role of assistant director and its career trajectory.


“People assume that the moment I tell them about my role that I will become the director one day, and that is not the position at all.”


Saban also told our students that although the 1st AD is part of the creative process of filmmaking, do not be distressed if your creative choices aren’t chosen.


"You cannot be too emotional or too attached to thinking you have a solution, particularly if you end up doing something different, there are many ways to make a film".


Saban concluded by advising the students on the versatility they need to excel in the film industry, in which is something we pride on teaching all our students at LFA.


"You've got to know a little bit about everything to be able to do the job. To have some technical knowledge and comprehension about what each department is doing is integral. It creates a mutual respect and means you are more skilled and have more ideas. It’s not just about making things go faster on set."


This is part of our series of online Masterclasses, with a lineup of prominent filmmakers including Tracey Seaward (‘The Two Popes’), Corin Hardy (‘Gangs of London’), John Strickland (‘Line of Duty’) and Dick Pope (‘Mr. Turner’). This series is exclusive to our BA (Hons) Filmmaking, Filmmaking and Screenwriting Diploma students.