LFA MASTERCLASS: Aline Bonetto, Production Designer for ‘Amelie’ & ‘Wonder Woman’

21 April 2020, 15:00-16:00

Oscar-nominated production designer Aline Bonetto delivered a great session for our BA (Hons) Filmmaking, Filmmaking and Screenwriting Diploma students, detailing her work on 'Amelie’‘Yves Saint Laurent’ and the blockbuster ‘Wonder Woman’. 

Bonetto’s career to date has seen the talented production designer work on a variety of films set during iconic periods of history. In her Masterclass she shared with our eager students the secret to getting the production design for each film just right. 


"I always go back to the original period. I don't look at other films. I research drawing, images, and then I close everything and focus on the script. Then, the images just pop in my head.” 


A recurring theme throughout Aline’s Masterclass was collaboration; a core value of LFA. Aline continued to reinforce the idea that great teamwork makes a great film, not an individual role. 


“A production design is part artist, part storyteller. Your job is to help tell the story.” 


Aline concluded with words of wisdom for our students, focusing on the competitive nature of the film industry. 


“The job is hard, because lots of people want it, so you must want it more than everyone else. My advice is go on, don't give up.” 


This is part of our series of online Masterclasses, with a lineup of prominent filmmakers including Tracey Seaward (‘The Two Popes’), Corin Hardy (‘Gangs of London’), John Strickland (‘Line of Duty’) and Dick Pope (‘Mr. Turner’). This series is exclusive to our BA (Hons) Filmmaking, Filmmaking and Screenwriting Diploma students.