LFA MASTERCLASS: John Strickland, director of ‘Line of Duty’ & ‘Bodyguard’

24 April 2020, 15:00-16:00

Our final Masterclass of this incredible Masterclass Week was with ‘Line of Duty’ and ‘Bodyguard’ director John Strickland

Our BA (Hons) Filmmaking, Filmmaking and Screenwriting Diploma students were gripped as Strickland analysed several nail biting scenes from the aforementioned shows, including the terror threat in the season finale of ‘Bodyguard’ and the police interrogations in ‘Line of Duty’. During this, Strickland gave insight into an underestimated component - location. 


"Getting the location right is often the most important thing and it will influence everything you do after." 


Strickland then gave advice on the importance of preparation before shooting, exercises such as table reads prove to be extremely effective. 


"It is really important to get all the actors round a table and hear it. The written and spoken word work differently at times. Hearing the actors, the written word becomes fluid and gains life." 


We are incredibly thankful to John Strickland and the time he gave to our students! 


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