LFA Filmmaker's Club: O'neil Sharma, Writer/Director 'Fotoautomat Man'

13 January 2021, 10:30-12:30

This event is exclusive to LFA Filmmakers' Club community (current LFA students and alumni).

On 13 January we shall be welcoming back LFA Alumnus and Writer/Director O’neil Sharma for an exclusive In Conversation event!

O’neil worked as an Assistant Director on ‘Valkyrie’ (Bryan Singer), ‘The Last Station’ (Michael Hoffman), ‘Inglourious Basterds’ (Quentin Tarantino), ‘The Ghost’ (Roman Polanski) and ‘Drei’ (Tom Tykwer).

O’neil’s first feature film 'Fotoautomat Man', which he both wrote and directed, was released in 2020 and premiered at the Tokyo Lift-Off Festival and is available on Amazon Prime. His screenplay 'The Big B' will be produced by Berlin Bombay International and will also be his second feature as a Director.

Born in London, O’neil Sharma began his career as an Investment Banker but soon decided to follow his true passion for filmmaking. He was awarded a scholarship to attend LFA where he completed our Filmmaking Diploma in 2007.

O'neil will be covering topics including how to develop spec scripts, how to handle feedback on your scripts, pitching projects, the importance of having a plan, and the importance of having a support group to vent and swap ideas with.

We hope you can join us!