LFA Filmmaker's Club: Oli Benjamin & William Jessop '25 Siblings & Me'

09 November 2020, 18:00-19:30

This event is exclusive to LFA Filmmakers' Club community (current students and alumni).

We are delighted to welcome William Jessop, Director of the BBC documentary ’25 Siblings & Me’, and Oli Benjamin, the subject of the film and LFA Alumni, to discuss the documentary at length.

William has a passion for strong emotional narratives and his first broadcast documentary, 'Growing Up Down's', was nominated for an International Emmy for Best Documentary and won the Creative Diversity Network Groundbreaking Programme Award.

William's latest documentary, ’25 Siblings & Me’ delves into the incredible story of Oli who discovers overnight that he has 25 siblings from the same sperm donor father. The film follows Oli's incredible journey across America to connect with his half brothers and sisters, as well as his biological father.

You can watch '25 Siblings & Me' on BBC iPlayer here.