#WomenWednesdays Exploring Martin Scorsese’s female characters!

17 November 2021

Happy birthday, Martin Scorsese!

The legendary American director turns 79 today, marking a six-decades long career in the film industry. Since Scorsese’s birthday falls on a Wednesday, we thought we’d use this opportunity to talk about female characters in the director’s movies, as part of our ongoing #WomenWednesdays series.

Image credits © Columbia Pictures

Scorsese has come under fire by certain critics for limiting the dialogue of his female characters, and presenting one-dimensional representations of women within his heavily male-focused narratives. Yet other critics have praised Scorsese’s portrayal of strong female figures, by placing them in realistic scenarios that are said to be authentic to the female experience.

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So much has been said on this topic already, that we thought we’d share with you the best views out there. Take a look below for our recommended reading on the topic of women in Scorsese’s movies.

Who is your favourite female character from Scorsese’s body of filmography? Do you think Scorsese does a good job of presenting diverse women in his films? Help us keep the conversation going by leaving us a comment on social media, and don’t forget to drop us an email at marketing@londonfilmacademy.com to let us know what we should discuss in our next #WomenWednesdays post!