London Film Academy Shines at Kodak/Nahemi Student Commercial Awards

12 June 2024

Once again, our LFA students have left an indelible mark at this year's Kodak/Nahemi Student Commercial Awards, securing two impressive wins. Their achievements are a testament to their hard work and dedication, filling us all with immense pride and inspiration.

Our students in attendance proudly took home the prestigious Craft Award for Best Costume and Design. They earned a notable second-place finish for their commercial "Runway Feast" in the Just Eat brief. This highly competitive category challenges students to create innovative and engaging commercials for the food delivery service.

Students win at Kodak Nahemi Awards

Viola Furlan, the director behind "Runway Feast," expressed her immense pride and gratitude.

I feel so proud of my team and me for accomplishing these achievements, and so honoured for the opportunity that LFA has given us.

Viola Furlan

Kodak Nahemi awards

Viola's team exemplified the collaborative spirit that is nurtured at LFA, bringing students together from various disciplines. This cross-collaboration not only led to their success but also fostered a sense of unity and community among them. 

New contributors like Costume Designer Niki Lee from the University of the Arts London worked alongside LFA's Producer Emilio Landi, Director of Photography Matu Harvey, and first Assistant Director Delilah Sheridan-Pangburn.

Viola emphasised the transformative power of the collaborative spirit at LFA that brought her vision to life. The supportive environment and the diverse skills of her team members allowed her to create a commercial that not only won awards but also pushed her creative boundaries.

As a director, it's so important to find people who can help you fulfil your vision, and this collaboration has given me so many things, not only in terms of awards but also in terms of how much I've learned to communicate what I want to professionals outside of the safe zone which is LFA.

Viola Furlan

By providing Costume Designer Niki Lee with her vision for the production design—a department in which she frequently works—Viola enabled Niki to create the stunning costumes that won them the Best Costume and Design award.

Students collecting their award

The "Runway Feast" commercial, a creative blend of fashion and culinary art, stood out for its exceptional costume and production design. The commercial, which featured a high-energy fashion show set in a restaurant, showcased the student's ability to combine diverse elements into a cohesive and visually stunning narrative. 

Viola highlighted the vital role of Production Design in film, praising Lizzy Lefebvre for her contribution to accessory design and the overall aesthetic. 

Production Design itself for me is such an important part of film production and I'm glad that I got to collaborate once again with Lizzy Lefebvre, who took care of the design and making of the accessories.

Viola Furlan

The opportunity to create such a fun, fashion-focused project was incredibly rewarding for Viola, as she was recognised for this work. 

Awards host

Reflecting on the competition, Viola admitted feeling a mix of confidence and awe.

As confident as I was before getting to the screening while being in there, I was impressed - and frankly also quite scared - by the number of amazing projects I was watching

Viola Furlan

Seeing the countless talented filmmakers using this opportunity to share their visions and cater to clients and audiences in diverse and unique ways was inspiring. 

The following reception offered more networking moments and encouraged a sense of collaboration and creative community.

Winners on stage

With a promising start and a collection of accolades, Viola looks forward to the future with optimism. Her success is just the beginning, and we can't wait to see what our talented LFA students will achieve next.

Without the intent of sounding arrogant, I feel like this is just the beginning, and I can't wait for everyone to see it.

Viola Furlan

The LFA's success at the Kodak/Nahemi Student Commercial Awards is a testament to the talent and dedication of our students and the supportive environment we continue to foster at LFA.