LFA Student Support and Wellbeing Resources

05 April 2022

At LFA, students are at the heart of everything we do. Part of the LFA journey is about evolving as a human being, as well as a skilled filmmaker, with the aim of becoming a well-rounded individual, and developing as a person.  

“Once you actually get into the studio, suddenly everything comes to life, and you finally see that your film is going to be made here.”

“It feels absolutely amazing to be in classes and working with all the equipment.”


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As a specialist school, we have smaller learning groups, and higher staff-to-student ratios, meaning we have the capacity to extend care and support to each individual, and make a difference at a personal level.  

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Our nurturing and inclusive environment ensures our students can raise any concerns about their wellbeing, receive support, or simply engage with exclusive events and resources we provide to continue to evolve their own sense of wellbeing.

These include: 

Wellbeing Digital Resources 

We have created a meaningful range of wellbeing-related video content, including guided breathwork and stress management videos. These resources have been recorded by professional life coaches, breathwork practitioners, and psychotherapists, exclusively for LFA students.  

Students also have access to an online mental health support portal, available 24/7, which provides anonymous message-boards, self-assessments, self-guided courses and professional advice on a range of wellbeing topics and mental health subjects.  


LFA Counselling Sessions  

Confidential one-to-one support is available to students from the LFA counsellor. This service can be used by any student who feels they would benefit from speaking about their personal wellbeing one-to-one with a professional.  

BA and MA students can receive additional psychological support and advice through LFA’s validating partner, University of Derby.  


Inclusion Plans 

Our Inclusion Plans are designed to offer confidential, reasonable adjustment to students with special educational needs or disabilities, to facilitate a rewarding and productive learning experience.  

An Inclusion Plan is created in collaboration with the individual student, and enables LFA staff to provide students with the help they need to meet their needs and overcome challenges. If you would benefit from having an inclusion plan, contact your course leader to discuss. 


Student Representatives 

Student Representatives act as a formal channel of communication between LFA students and staff. Representatives are elected by their peers at the beginning of each semester and serve in the role for a maximum of three semesters.  

Representatives attend regular Student/Staff Liaison meetings, where they can raise any ideas, issues, or concerns on behalf of their cohort. 


LFA Wellbeing Blog Content 

Head to the Wellbeing section of our LFA blog for a range of tips and advice, resources, and topical discussions about mental health and wellbeing in the film industry.  


External Resources and Helplines 

You can find additional help and resources, including phone lines and online chat sessions, using the links below.

Film and TV Charity support line 

MIND support 

Samaritans support 

Cruse bereavement support 

NHS Mind Plan 

NHS breathing exercises for stress  

What Works Wellbeing 


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Current students on our undergraduate and postgraduate courses should contact their course leaders for more information on, and access to, these services. 

We welcome your comments on feedback on how these resources work for you and are continuously looking for ways to update and evolve our wellbeing support. Get in touch at marketing@londonfilmacademy.com with any suggestions or constructive feedback.