LFA MA Screenwriting Students Reflect on the London Screenwriters Festival 2024

18 April 2024

Aspiring screenwriters from around the globe gathered for an event that promised to spark their creativity and take their careers to new heights: the London Screenwriters Festival 2024

Among them were our talented MA Screenwriters, keen to immerse themselves in the workshops, sessions, and networking opportunities held across the weekend.  

This year, the festival offered an experience tailored to cater to every aspect of screenwriting, from crafting compelling dialogue to navigating the complexities of character development.  

These sessions offered invaluable learning experiences for our MA screenwriters, providing them with more insights and techniques they could immediately apply to their work. 

We left feeling good after pitching and left our comfort zone.

Anna Haig

One of the highlights was the masterclass on "The Art of Pitching." This session, led by seasoned industry professionals, delved into the intricacies of pitching ideas effectively and highlighted the importance of clarity, passion, and conciseness.  


With newfound knowledge, our students have gained the ability to present their projects confidently, knowing they have the tools to captivate potential collaborators and investors.

Breaking into the industry: Strategies for Emerging Screenwriters 

Another session that left a lasting impression was "Breaking into the Industry: Strategies for Emerging Screenwriters." In this conversational discussion, successful screenwriters shared their journeys, including the challenges they faced and the strategies they used to overcome them. They offered practical advice on navigating the competitive landscape of the entertainment industry. From building a strong portfolio to leveraging networking opportunities, our students gained invaluable insights into the realities of pursuing a career in screenwriting and understanding the importance of persistence and resilience. 

However, the most profound lessons came from the countless conversations and connections between sessions. The London Screenwriters Festival had many opportunities to interact with fellow creatives, exchange ideas, and form meaningful collaborations. 

It was a very intimidating experience at the start, but everyone started getting more confident with the pitching, and we got some excellent responses.

Lydia Wannell

Whether it was bonding over shared struggles or developing new story concepts, these interactions enhanced the sense of community that LFA continues to champion. 

As they return to LFA, our MA Screenwriting students carry a wealth of new knowledge and a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration.  

As our students embark on their respective journeys, they do so with a newfound sense of determination and optimism. They are ready to write the next chapter of their careers, armed with invaluable experiences and connections they gained at London Film Academy and the London Screenwriters Festival in the ever-evolving world of screenwriting.