#BlackHistoryMonth Throughout October

01 October 2021

We believe that film is more than just a mode of entertainment, it’s a powerful tool that can be used to break down barriers, give a voice to marginalized or overlooked stories, and tackle important conversations in our society.  

By engaging with a diverse range of films and filmmakers, we can challenge our own perceptions, increase our awareness through education, and work towards a more inclusive and progressive world. 

In an industry that is still struggling to fully tackle issues around representation, diversity, and equal access to opportunity, both on-screen and off-screen, it is more important than ever to take the time to focus on the invaluable contributions that Black creatives have made to the history of filmmaking. That’s why we’ll be contributing to #BlackHistoryMonth on our blog and social channels this month, and beyond, by focusing on spotlighting the contributions, innovations and successes of Black filmmakers from both the past and the present. 

Image credits © BBC Arts  

The films, tv shows and documentaries we’ve chosen to highlight this month document a diverse range of cultural experiences, pinnacle to black lives and representation within the industry.  

We will be dedicating our weekly #WomenWednesdays series to spotlighting Black women, who are often sidelined in discussions around diversity in the industry, with four Black females who have carved change within the film world with their unforgettable work.  

Image credits © Blavity 

Deep diving into the incredible career of British industry staple Steve McQueen, we’ll be sharing a special watchlist to celebrate his birthday on 9 October. This month also marks the 5th anniversary of the release of Barry Jenkins’ seminal ‘Moonlight’; we’ll be revisiting this Academy Award winning movie and its prevalence today, even 5 years on since its inception.

Image credits © GQ / BBC Studios 

Our weekly #PickOfTheWeek series will focus on TV shows, films and documentaries made by Black creatives; stay tuned for these unmissable recommendations for your Black History Month watchlists! 

As a London-based film school, we will also be looking at the history of Black filmmakers close to home in the UK, and how Black British culture has been documented through the medium of film across time, in a special blog watchlist focusing on Black Britain. Finally, we will connect Black History Month with our core value of ‘pioneering’, by detailing the innovations of Black pioneers throughout time and focusing on these often-underappreciated key players of the industry.  

Image credits © Film Comment 

Throughout this month we encourage you to share and celebrate your favourite black filmmakers, too.  

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