Capturing Authentic Moments on Set with MA Student Steven Wang

03 June 2024

Steven Wang, currently studying an MA in Filmmaking at LFA, brings a unique perspective to on-set photography. He seamlessly blends his passion for street photography with his developing filmmaking career, creating a distinctive and compelling visual style in the process.

Steven aims to showcase hope in humanity through his work, capturing authentic moments both on set and in everyday life. You might have already spotted his work across our social media, where his behind-the-scenes shots perfectly capture the LFA filmmaking magic.

With that in mind, we thought what better way to gain invaluable insights and expert advice on enhancing your film stills and photography skills than by sitting down with Steven and delving into his unique approach and techniques.

Balancing Presence On-Set

Navigating the busy and stressful environment of film sets, Steven often opts to prioritise respect and observation. He understands the importance of staying out of the way while capturing authentic moments, without disrupting the filming process.

By using silent mode, I ensure minimal disruption which makes for more candid and authentic shots without intruding on the moment.

Steven Wang

Through his discreet techniques, Steven not only documents the unfolding narrative but also respects the integrity of the filmmaking process.

Mastering Lighting and Composition

As a videographer and now photographer, I've found it's fun to experiment with capturing light and shadows. I prefer shooting on the short side for added interest, testing composition to convey depth and playing with shapes to push creative boundaries.

Steven Wang

Steven notes that the key to continuous improvement lies in experimentation.

By doing so he's not only enhanced his technical skills but also enriched the storytelling aspect of his work in the process. 

The result? Some seriously captivating and immersive visual narratives.

It's this knowledge and continual desire to learn that helps enhance his photographs and develop a personal style. 

Whether it's playing with shapes to add depth or appreciating the power of framing within frames, Steven knows that all are crucial in helping him refine his craft, as both a photographer and filmmaker.

Enhancing Storytelling through Photography and Creative Freedom

It’s clear Steven's developing filmmaker mindset is intertwining with his passion for photography, as he takes storytelling from short films into a single frame.

Photography, in turn, offers Steven a unique avenue for creative expression.

When I have a camera in my hands, I feel truly present, just observing and being in the moment. I'm not thinking about my projects, my deadlines, or anything else—I'm just looking for fun, interesting moments or cool shots.

Steven Wang

This ability to be fully engrossed allows Steven to capture the essence of the moment, transforming ordinary scenes into exciting visual stories.

Being truly in the moment, I think, helps a lot in videography as well. It makes you a bit more free, allowing you to take more creative risks without being preoccupied with everything else.

Steven Wang

This mindset brings a sense of freedom and creativity, which enables Steven to experiment and push the boundaries of his videography abilities.

Advice for Aspiring Filmmakers

Putting your ego aside and going for it is important. You need to not be afraid of feedback and not judge yourself too harshly.

Steven Wang

Steven encourages aspiring filmmakers to take the first step and actively pursue their passion for photography. He emphasises the importance of embracing feedback, learning from others, and continuously honing their skills, something he continues to do himself.

Photography is like learning a new language, with lots of different elements from composition to lighting, all help the photo to say something.

Steven Wang

Steven believes that understanding and fluently speaking this visual language empowers photographers to effectively convey their message and evoke emotion through their imagery.

Continuing the Passion Post-LFA

For Steven, photography is not just a hobby but a professional skill he continues to develop.

He finds solace and presence in capturing moments through his lens, bridging the gap between filmmaking and photography with each click.

Steven’s journey exemplifies how merging filmmaking techniques with photography can lead to a richer and better approach to visual storytelling, making his work truly stand out.

We hope his insights and tips help aspiring filmmakers explore different creative avenues to help capture compelling moments on set and elevate their filmmaking projects