BA (Hons) Filmmaking Graduates Film Festival Successes

16 May 2022

Our 2-year BA (Hons) Filmmaking is a practical, accelerated, and industry-focused course designed to arm you with the skills, knowledge and experience you’ll need to emerge into the professional film industry. 

Our first talented bunch of BA alumni graduated in the summer of 2020, and since then, they and our class of 2021 have already started making waves in the film industry, with the full strength of their LFA education behind them.  

The first milestone of any filmmakers’ career in its early stages is to have one of their short films selected at a festival, where their work can reach a wider audience, gain recognition, and create new contacts and opportunities.  

Some of the biggest names in filmmaking had their first taste of success at a film festival. Damien Chazelle got his first big break after his short film ‘Whiplash’ was selected at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013, where it was then financed to be turned into a feature film, which picked up multiple awards at the Oscars in 2014. Barry Jenkins’ first feature ‘Medicine for Melancholy’ premiered at South by Southwest (SXSW) in 2008, which ultimately led to the director being able to produce his seminal, Oscar-award winning, ‘Moonlight’ in 2018.  

So in today’s blog, we’re celebrating the successes of our emerging filmmakers on the international film festival circuit, as they make their first steps on their journey to changing the world through film.  

All crew names detailed below are current students or graduates from our BA (Hons) Filmmaking course. 

‘Nomads’ (Current BA students, class of 2022) 


Director: Mattheo Manticello 

Writer: Mattheo Manticello  

Producer: Marta Galvez 


Ali, a young Syrian refugee struggles to meet the expectations of his adopted, affluent British family. As his past continues to haunt him, he realises the indifference surrounding him towards the plight of his people yet sees glimpses of hope for a nearby future. 

Selected at: 

Brussels Capital Film Festival 2022 

Berlin Indie Film Festival 2022 


Best Short Film at Brussels Capital Film Festival 2022 

Read our news feature on the success of ‘Nomads,’ including comments from the creators and crew! 


‘Every Other Weekend’ (BA alumni, class of 2020) 


Director: Andrew Mizzi 

Writer: Noah Sagum 

Producer: Andrew Mizzi, Christina Costalas  

Director of Photography: Rahul Pradeep 

Selected at: 

Manchester Film Festival 2022 

London Lift-Off Film Festival 2021 

Sunderland Shorts Film Festival 2021 

London Film & TV Awards 2021 


Best Student Short at Manchester Film Festival 2022 

Follow the film’s success on its’ Instagram page. 

‘Show Me The End of Time’ (BA alumni, class of 2021) 


Director: Jack Murphy

Writer: Moritz Oskar Meyer

Producer: Benjamin A. Wolfin

Production Designer: Evelina Baumane


In a punk dystopian world where it is possible to extract memories, a callous and cold-hearted man involved in the memory industry all of a sudden comes across his own memory. This awakens him to see who he has become and the downward spiral he has undergone since the passing of his wife. 

Selected at: 

Independent Shorts Awards Festival 2022 

LA Sci-Fi Film Festival 2022 


Best Sci-Fi Short at Independent Shorts Awards Festival 2022 

Best Student Short at Independent Shorts Awards Festival 2022 

Best Student Director at Independent Shorts Awards Festival 2022 

Best Production Design at Independent Shorts Awards Festival 2022 

Best Performance at LA Sci-Fi Film Festival 2022 


‘The Meaning of Daisey’ (BA alumni, class of 2021) 


Director: Max'ed Deeq

Writer: Aimée Robinson

Producer: Edgar Vazquez


Daisey has the hots for Owens, a customer at her florist. Owens feels the same way. But who will make the first move? 

Selected at: 

BFI Flare Film Festival 2022 

Oxford Film Festival 2021 

Seattle Black Film Festival 2021 

Out South Queer Film Festival 2021 


‘Everybody Knows’ (BA alumni, class of 2021) 


Director: Gianluca Giordimaina 

Writer: Tibet Boyer 

Producer: Jack Murphy 

Director of Photography: Swaen Lievestro  


Isaac (Shaq Taylor) is a musician who has a disastrous meeting with a record executive. Feeling the overwhelming weight of rejection, he decides to tell himself a different story. One where everything went perfectly, and he finds himself hurtling towards massive success. As Isaac shares his success with his friends, the weight of the lie begins to crack him, and the walls begin to close in. 

Selected at: 

Berlin Indie Film Festival 2022 

Photo credits © Danny Cozens  


‘Let Me Ride’ (BA alumni, class of 2021) 


Director: Juliette Joy Anquetil

Writer: Benjamin A. Wolfin

Producer: Edgar Vazquez

Director of Photography: Justine Nassef Magdy


A young boy is struggling to learn how to ride his bike on his own, when a grizzly-looking, older neighbour offers to help him. Unbeknownst to the boy, the old man is his estranged grandfather, who is trying to rebuild the broken connection with his family.  

Selected at: 

London Independent Film Festival 2022 

Short to the Point Festival 2022 

Lift-ff Global Network’s First-time Filmmaker Sessions 2022 

Festival Concours de Courts 2022 

Loches Film Festival 2022


Best International Film at Festival Concours de Courts 2022 

'I Feel You Staring' (BA (Hons) Filmmaking Graduates 2021)


‘I Feel You Staring’, is a short thriller about the female experience, which captures the essence of what a stare can feel like; a violation onto your body. After all, how can you shake off a stare? How can you be free from being looked at?


Director: Flora Koller

Writer: Swaen Lievestro

Producer: Bianca Nicole Alexander

Selected at:

Reale Film Festival 2022


Best Experimental Film at Reale Film Festival 2022


Are you a BA (Hons) Filmmaking graduate with a film festival success story that we’ve missed? We’d love to share your work and achievements! Get in touch via email at to be added to this list.