GRADUATE SUCCESS Vanda Volic selected for high-profile documentary project, Aristoteles Workshop Association
31 August 2012

Vanda Volic graduated from our Documentary Certificate in 2011 and has been selected to participate in the Aristoteles Workshop Association.

ARISTOTELES WORKSHOP ASSOCIATION (AWA) is a training and development center dedicated to foster a new generation of creative documentary filmmakers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Established in 2005, with substantial material and spiritual support from the French/German cultural TV channel arte, AW is truly a unique training program, offering both a hands-on approach and a continuous tutoring system.

12 participants are be selected on the basis of a dossier (credentials, demo reels, and recommendations). Participants should express an avid interest in learning and doing television the arte way. The ideal composition of the group is that of young documentary filmmakers, writers, producers, directors, DPs, and editors.

During this thorough television workshop, the participants, divided in four groups, will be guided through each and every step of the documentary production. Established and respected professionals will help the participants translate their own ideas into fresh, ground breaking documentaries. While the emphasis will mainly be on the content, the workshop will also benefit of the latest High Definition TV technologies and techniques.

AW will provide accomodations, production and post production equipment and facilities. In the end each group will have to deliver a half-hour documentary ready for broadcast and entirely marketable.

This is a great success for Vanda, a huge congratulations to her!

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