STUDENT SUCCESS: LFA graduate Gary Scullion works on 'Foster' with editor, Eddie Hamilton ('X-Men First Class', 'Kick-Ass')
18 September 2010


Gary Scullion, Filmmaking Diploma graduate, talks about his recent work with Eddie Hamilton (editor 'X-Men First Class', 'Kick-Ass', 'Resident Evil: Apocalypse').

"After having a variety of jobs, and making films in my downtime I decided to take it to the next level by taking the one-year Diploma at the LFA. The course really opened my eyes to a bigger world and it led me to finding my love in work, Editing. Since the course I have worked on a host of projects, from shorts, music promos and corporate videos, to TV shows like 'Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking' and the Bafta TV Nominated 'Bryony Makes a Zombie Movie', but all of these things were truly dwarfed by being Assistant Editor to Editor Eddie Hamilton, on the feature film Foster from director Jonathan Newman.

Eddie Hamilton is by far one of the most inspiring people you will ever meet in the film industry. Everything he works on is to the highest standard even down to the tiniest details, and that’s something I think everyone who works in film on any level should aim to do, should it be a short or a feature.

I learnt a lot working on 'Foster', certain things were additions to what I’d learned at the LFA and others were new. The main thing that I will always remember is that in the Edit suite, structure and organization are key. When assisting, having a routine is essential, and always try and improve on yourself. You will get faster at what you do, but never rush! Mistakes cost so aim to deliver quality and accuracy, not just speed.

Working with Eddie gave me a greater sense of pride in my work than I thought possible, I had taken my first step into a larger world, it was a truly inspiring and incredible experience, and I really hope to work with Eddie again in the future.

(Also as a note... some heavy lifting may be required)"

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