ON SET: Filmmaking Diploma student working on new British film
18 June 2010

Filmmaking Diploma student Yuri Krylov, originally from Russia, got the chance to demonstrate all he had learnt on our one-year course recently when he was invited to join the set of upcoming feature film 'Foster'.

The latest film – now in post-production – from director Jonathan Newman ('Swinging with the Finkels', 'Father's Day', 'Sex with the Finkels') is a comedy drama about how the life of a couple who are unable to conceive is turned inside out by the arrival of a seven-year-old in their lives. It stars Toni Collette and Ioan Gruffudd, and is updated from Newman's 2005 short film, which showed on HBO and the BBC.

Yuri describes his experiences of being given the opportunity by LFA to join the set:  "The proucer, Alice Dawson, called me to meet the crew at the equipment check-out. After that I had the job. I was a video engineer, so I had to set up all the monitors and record playback. It has helped me understand the dynamics and politics of a feature film set – and the relationship between the crew. The thing I enjoyed the most is being a part of a team and coping with some challenging situations. I was never treated as a student, but as a n equal."

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