London Film Academy Courses

PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA - intensive, practical courses with options to progress to a BA or MA

Immerse yourself in 6 or 12 months of hands-on, cutting edge training, and kickstart your career in the creative industries. Learn from award-winning Film and TV professionals in a collaborative environment, and quickly gain the firm grounding and practical skills you need to achieve your goals - whether you continue to further study or launch straight into the industry.

Filmmaking Diploma

Become a world-class, multi-disciplined filmmaker on our one-year, Professional Diploma

Screenwriting Diploma

One year of practical experience and intensive creative development to produce an unrivalled portfolio of work

POSTGRADUATE - intensive, practical courses leading on to an MA at one of our partner universities

For those with an undergraduate degree or proven film experience. These multi-disciplinary courses are spread over 18 to 24 months and are designed to deliver a high level of practical, industry relevant skill combined with independent study and research at our partner Universities.

MA Filmmaking

One year of intensive filmmaking training combined with further study at a partner university

MA Screenwriting

Prepare for life working as screenwriter in a fast-paced learning environment

UNDERGRADUATE - intensive, practical course leading on to a BA at our partner university

Achieve a BA in Film & TV in 2 years. Our intensive, full time programme covers all the multi-disciplinary aspects of filmmaking with maximum time spent working on the key disciplines in a practical, production company environment. Learn your craft hands-on before completing your Bachelor of Arts degree at our partner university.

BA (Hons) Filmmaking

An intensive and practical two-year path to gaining a BA (Hons) in filmmaking

Intensive, practical SHORT COURSES from 1 day to 6 weeks, covering every aspect of filmmaking, from the creative to the technical

Whether it is for 1 day or 6 weeks, our broad range of short courses will immerse you in every aspect of practical filmmaking from the creative to the technical. Learn essential industry-relevant skills, from current Film and TV professionals and gain the knowledge and experience to further your career.

BFI Film Academy

For young filmmakers 16-19 year olds

Documentary Filmmaking Certificate

Document reality. Discover the power of factual filmmaking in 6 weeks.

Filmmaking Certificate

From script to screen in 4 weeks; shoot on 16mm film or digital Arri Alexa

Young Filmmakers' Academy - Summer

Hands-on filmmaking for 13 - 17 year olds this Summer

Directing Certificate

Hone your directing skills, direct a short film on this 5-day intensive course

Cinematography Certificate

5-day intensive shooting and lighting for film using Arri Alexa

Intro to Documentary Certificate

5-day intensive course - the strategies and skills you need to develop your documentary

Producing Certificate

Intensive 5 day overview of practical producing for individuals and production teams

Screenwriting Certificate

Write a short script in 2 weeks. Develop your own technique, voice and style

Cinematography: Shooting and Lighting for DSLR

Get to grips with DSLR shooting techniques in 1 day

Cinematography: Shooting and Lighting for Film & Digital

Practical 2 day cinematography workshop

Composing: Music in Film

Discover how to create amazing music for film in 2 days

Directing: Filmmaker's Toolkit

Get the essential toolkit for directing in a day with this intense 1 day workshop

Editing - Adobe Premiere

Spend a weekend learning one of the most sought-after digital editing interfaces

Editing: AVID Media Composer

Acquire a working understanding of non-linear editing in a weekend

Editing: Final Cut Pro X

Spend a weekend learning one of the most sought-after digital editing interfaces

Producing: Movie Magic Budgeting & Scheduling

The recognised industry standard software for scheduling and budgeting (4 days)

Producing: Production Management

Learn the key tasks that are essential for a production to run smoothly in 1 day

Producing: The Business of Film

Cover the entire filmmaking process in a day

Screenplay in a Day

Complete a blueprint for a feature or short film in this 1-day workshop

Young Filmmakers' Academy - Easter

Practical, hands-on filmmaking for 13 - 17 year olds